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iHub 2

Color: white
Interface: 4 USB ports, 2.0 interface
Size: 52mm*52mm*12mm
Material: ABS plastic, with Apple lights,the logo will be bright when it is link to PC
Package size:71mm*71mm*35mm(Crystal plastic box)
high speed USB2.0 design for removable hard disk, digital camera, mouse and keyboard, game handle, USB drive disk and USB peripher
Compatibility With:
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/WIN7/Mac OS 8.6 or above.

iHub - USB- Hub 4-port . Supports both gadgets from Apple, and any other devices having output USB 1.1 or 2.0 . The device looks very attractive! It is very small and light , it is a square with rounded corners, few , on the sides of which are 4 standard USB- output ( connect to them everything is possible ! Everything that has a USB.) And one mini-USB. C using the latest iHub is connected to your PC ( 10 cm ) . Bullseye on top of the hub has a uniform LED backlight. New USB hub with the glowing apple is perfect for any style of Mac support and Apple.

* USB hub (USB hub) . A device that allows to connect multiple USB devices into one bundle and connect them to one USB port. Most external devices connected to the computer today via USB-port . So , at present, many computer users are suffering from a lack of USB- ports in excess USB- devices.

There are two solutions to the problem of lack of USB- ports :
- First, you can simply disconnect at the time did not use the device, release , so the port and connect for the moment the device ;
- Secondly , you can simply buy iHub. iHub is a small device with four USB-ports, which is connected to one of the USB- port of your computer. USB hub allows you to use more devices with USB connection. Increasing the number of USB- ports on your computer not only reduces wear , but also facilitates use .

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