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iHDD 3

iHDD 3 - white case for the hard drive in the style of Apple. Supports HDDs SATA 2.5. The device is notable that actually look very stylish. In addition, the logo " apple " glowing . Thus , a connection of a device to a computer , it begins to exude light.

* USB HDD (usb hard drive, external hard drive , external hard drive ) - is adapted to carry a larger amount of information , which sometimes can not handle widely used flash - drives. Even if just for a comparison with conventional hard disk drives, usb drive , has undeniable advantages , first, connect via usb, so you can connect usb drive to multiple computers at the same time , due to usb, you do not have to remove the lid when installing computer and climb in its interior , especially handy if you do not know how to do . Sometimes uses them not just as a portable hard disk space , and as an additional usb hard drive , it usually happens when a person laptop and disk space are sorely lacking.

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